Penshurst Victoria

"A great place to visit, a wonderful place to live."



To be an effective voluntary association leading the development
of an informed, cohesive community.


Our mission is to provide an effective voice for and in support of
the Penshurst community, particularly when working with
local Council and the State and Federal Government. To this end,
we will proactively engage with other groups within the community
to improve facilities, services and promotion of the town of Penshurst.

Purpose and Values:

The values of the Penshurst Progress Association Incorporated are:

* We believe that information and debate build a strong community.

* A strong community is one which is inclusive and acknowledges the different interests of groups within it.

* To encourage good citizenship and civic pride within Penshurst and its District.

* To endeavour to ensure that at all times adequate services and amenities are provided by the relevant authorities and distributed as equitably as possible over the whole community.

* To consult with the Shire Council and any other authority where deemed necessary, to submit constructive proposals in the furtherance of the objects
of the Association and the community.

* To confer or co-operate with any other groups and associations within the Penshurst community that have similar aims.

* To provide a platform for local residents to come together to facilitate a cohesive community.

Core values include:

* Service    * Leadership   * Stewardship
* Teamwork    * Innovation   * Consultation


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