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Penshurst Community Plan

Download the Community Plan here. Penshurst's Community Plan 2017-2020

The Importance of the Penshurst Community Plan

Every time one of the groups and associations in Penshurst apply for a grant to create something wonderful for our residents, or make repairs and upgrades to our facilities, it is in our best interests to refer to that particular idea in the town's Community Plan.

The Plan is a statement by the residents of what we consider important for the place in which we were born or have moved to at various stages in our lives. It is an acknowledgement that we value our town and intend to continue living here and helping it thrive and grow. The Plan also tells people who are visiting our town, with the intention of moving here, or simply holidaying, that we value our beautiful buildings, including those that need repair or repurposing, our Reserves e.g. the Penshurst Recreation Reserve, Yatmerone and Mount Rouse, and our businesses; and that we are willing to acknowledge their importance in this very useful document.

We have had Community Plans for a great many years. Now is the time to review the current one .. because its no longer current, nor did it have any reference to buildings such as our Hall, which is sorely in need of renovations.

What are the important places in town that you think should be in the Plan?

What are the important events that should be acknowledged?

Do you care that we have to support our local businesses to keep them?

What are you favourite clubs and locations around the town that deserve to thrive and continue to prosper?

Can we afford to ignore any of this,
when the money required to maintain our facilities is getting harder and harder to access?

As the Progress Association for our town, we are asking each of you to attend the Penshurst Hospital Market on Saturday 16th March between the hours of 10.00am - 2.00pm to make your comments and pinpoint those assets that you think are personally important to you. It will only take a short time to do this, and then you can enjoy the stalls and car boot sales. As a thank you we will have two raffles to which you will be provided two free tickets. The gold coin entrance donation at the door goes to the Penshurst Hospital.

Please help us support Penshurst into the future.

For more information contact Ama 0402 870 738
or email Question about Penshurst Community Plan

The Penshurst Community Plan to be reviewed

What is missing?

Prioritise each list in its section and reorder the categories numbering itself.

Priority 1:    
Ensure Our People are Healthy, Happy and Connected

Increase pride in our community through annual events
Support the current local events

Understand and value our people assets

Provide opportunities for our young people

Establish a Community Space/Garden

Encourage Volunteering and Active Living

Priority 2:    
Enhance our Community Assets

Maintain quality health services with Penshurst

Ensure that our schools and kindergarten are well supported

Establish and maintain a banking service for Penshurst (ATM?)

Support and maintain our Emergency Services

Improve cycling/walking tracks

Expand our Community Recreation Hub

Revitalise our Streetscape

Explore sewerage options for the town

Increase access to public transport

Revitalise our Botanic Gardens - implementing the Master Plan

Priority 3:    
Sustain Penshurst Natural Environment

Understand our aquifers

Alternative energy services generation

Educate for change

Improve the Mount Rouse Reserve

Priority 4:    
Become a Destination of choice for Tourists

Increase availability of Accommodation

Host a biennial major event in Penshurst

Create Branding for Penshurst

Establish the Mervyn Waller Memorial Walk

Support the Volcanoes Discovery Centre

Promote natural assets and services

Priority 5:    
Promote what Penshurst has to Offer

Maintain an up-to-date and useful webpage

Support our local Mt Rouse News & Views Community Newsletter

Maintain professional and informative Penshurst brochures

Improve Marketing/Directional signage around the town

Priority 6:    
Strengthen Community Leadership and Advocacy

Ensure that the Penshurst Progress Association remains strong and effective

Access training and learning opportunities that strengthen
leadership skills within the community

Implement the Penshurst Community Plan

New Residents Information
          Penshurst's Community Plan 2017-2020


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